Annual Open Houses—Madroña 39, Rucksack 1

Madrona Open House 2019No, it’s not a one-sided baseball score between the Madroña Bushmen and the Rucksack Hikers. And no, it’s not a count of the tasters in the tasting room. Instead, it’s the number of Open Houses we’ll be celebrating this year on May 25th and 26th.

First and foremost, I think you need to absorb in how truly unique this celebration is. We have been hosting an Open House every year at Madroña since 1981. If you can remember that far back, Ronald Reagan was president, the US inflation rate was 10.35%, and the interest rate was 15.75%! And some of you may not even have been born yet! (And if you’re wondering, the 1981 Cabernet Sauvignon is still tasting great!) Continue reading

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Passport 2019 Wrap-up

Menu PageWHEW! and WHEW again!   We made it through another Passport!  This year we had so much fun developing recipes that focused on earth-friendly, non-meat recipes.  So many people, including myself, are guilty of thinking that the best pairing with wine is meat.  It’s my go-to thought.  But there are many fabulous recipes that pair beautifully with wine, and this year, we featured 3.  As always, we had many requests for the recipes, and we promised to provide them!  Bon Appetit!

Sweet Potato Fries, Dipped two ways!
Vegan Ginger/Soy Aioli
1 cup veganaise
1.5-2 Tbsp minced ginger
1-1.5 Tbsp Soy or Tamari sauce
Squirt of Lime Juice

Continue reading

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Pre-Passport Event

This Friday, April 5th from 6pm-8pm
As you undoubtedly know, the wineries of the El Dorado Appellation are celebrating our Passport Experience over the next two weekends. We also know that locals often enjoy the more tranquil celebrations of our wine region by visiting on quieter days. Thus our Pre-Passport Party (for the last 12 years or so!).
This Friday (April 5th) from 6-8pm, we will be tasting all the wines we’re showcasing during the Passport weekends. For us, we’ll have the winery all decked out for the event while you’ll get to be a part of our Passport without the crowds!
What’s Happening this Friday?
     Vertical Malbec Tasting (our VIP Experience!)
     Release of our ’15 Single Vineyard Enyé Malbec (dry-farmed!)
     Barrel Tasting (and Futures) on our 2017 Signature Zinfandel
     Release of our 2018 Hillside Grenache Rosé
     Wines paired with Pulled-Porked Sandwiches (in a Malbec sauce)
     El Tinto Lot 38 at just $100/cs (our annual Passport Special) 
Tickets are just $10/person, and space is limited to just 80 people (and we’ve been selling tickets for a couple of weeks now). So Click Here to get yours and come relax this Friday with wine, food, new-releases and friends!
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Bordeaux—An Amazing Experience—Part 1


A very happy traveler!

Really, I don’t know where to start on our Bordeaux experience last November. It’s not like we haven’t had amazing experiences traveling before, but this was our first river cruise ever. And it was a river cruise through one of the most famous wine regions of the world! So to say that we had a fantastic time would be an understatement for sure!

For those of you who didn’t happen to make it over with us this trip, I thought I would try to give you a glimpse of the experience through a series of blogs. These blogs will be a little more ‘wine-focused’ simply because that’s what we were doing (and from an interest point of view, this can give you, the reader, a bit more useful wine insight to Bordeaux). Continue reading

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Quintet Tasting—Who Wants to be a Better Wine Drinker?

apple Hill Quintet PhotoHaving just finished the Portopia experience (of food and wine pairings) last weekend in the cellar, it’s time to talk about Madroña’s second tasting in our educational series—our 19th annual Quintet tasting (March 16th and 17th). (Already know you want tickets, Click Here!)

Having just returned from a trip through Bordeaux, it’s amazing how much one can learn by being there and by doing. I now have tasted the difference between Left Bank and Right Bank wines and why Merlot-based wines grow one place and Cab Sauv-based wines grow in another. It’s one thing to taste a Bordeaux wine in a restaurant in San Francisco. But it’s a completely different thing to experience the wine in Bordeaux, looking at the trellising system on the vines, smelling the soil, and talking to the winemakers who imagined the wine in the first place.

Now you’re starting to get a sense of what the Quintet tasting here at Madroña is all about. This is an education, an experience, and an opportunity. It’s kind of like learning Continue reading

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A Little Bit of Age Brings Out Maturity

DSC_0294OK, so as I get a little older, I like to point out (especially to our kids) that my age has brought on a maturity that needs to be ‘respected’! OK, so that’s probably pushing it a bit, probably since I don’t think I’ll ever mature past 12 years of age. But when it comes to wine, especially well-made wine, a hint of age does definitely bring out something in the wine that deserves respect (and enjoyment).

Why is this on my mind right now? Well, we have just re-released our 2010 Signature Zinfandel to our Wine Club in the February club selection. Continue reading

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Portopia 2019

Portopia 2019_edited-1What is Portopia?  It’s a walk-around event featuring daring pairings with our New-World Port.  We feature four small sessions to give you plenty of time to enjoy the experience.

This year’s 7 exciting menu items are…

Flank Steak with Cherry, Gorgonzola Cheese Port Reduction Sauce paired with our 2001 New World Port

Truffle Macaroni and Cheese  paired with our 2011 New World Port Continue reading

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