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For those who wish to preserve the idea that the wine industry is gloriously romantic, you may just want to click to another part of our website. However, for those interested in finding out how we actually do things in the winery, the parts of the industry that make my blood boil, my foolish and well-founded concerns about the grapes, and what it really feels like to have all aspects of a wine come together perfectly under my watch (whether I’m responsible or not), this just might be a blog worth reading.

My aim is to educate and give you a sense of why I love this farming life so much. And with Maggie posting from time to time (her posts will be obvious because they’re upbeat and joyful), hopefully you too can experience a bit of the winery life at Madroña.

Join us in Bordeaux!

MADROÑA VINEYARDS 2018 RIVER CRUISE A TASTE OF BORDEAUX Cruise Only: November 15-22, 2018 Paris Pre-Cruise Tour + Loire Valley Post Cruise Tour: November 13-25, 2018 BORDEAUX CITY Our Madroña Bordeaux Cruise travels next November and still has some space.  … Continue reading

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Quintet Blending Event 2018

2018 Quintet Blending—A Must Attend for Those Interested in Understanding and Enjoying Wine More! Do you ever wonder how we come up with the percentages for our Bordeaux blends? As much as I may joke about using a set of … Continue reading

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How to Enjoy the Holidays from the Point of View of Wine

OK, here’s a real question. How many of us stress out with the upcoming holidays as we try to shop, entertain, write Christmas cards, put in a seasonal movie or two, cook, be with family and still breath? I’m thinking … Continue reading

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The Art of Pruning—Part 1

If you think back to the origins of agriculture, no doubt the domestication of animals was one of the most important changes our distant relatives could have made. Equally innovative is the concept of preparing soil and the planting of … Continue reading

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New Ideas for a New Year

OK, so yes. I know that January 1st is “just another day” in the year, not really any different than March 22nd or October 24th (except maybe the weather). But still, we all tend to take this beginning of the … Continue reading

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It’s a Wrap, that 2016 Year!

It seems that 2016 is one of those years for reflection and introspection. Most people I’ve talked to are ready for 2016 to leave and will welcome 2017 with open arms. With such uncertainty in the world right now, sometimes … Continue reading

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Springtime in the Vineyards

Since starting our transition to naturally-farmed (organic) vineyards in 2011, we’ve fully embraced the fact that we were going to be spending more hours in the vineyards than ever before. Although we’ve never looked back on the decision as anything … Continue reading

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