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For those who wish to preserve the idea that the wine industry is gloriously romantic, you may just want to click to another part of our website. However, for those interested in finding out how we actually do things in the winery, the parts of the industry that make my blood boil, my foolish and well-founded concerns about the grapes, and what it really feels like to have all aspects of a wine come together perfectly under my watch (whether I’m responsible or not), this just might be a blog worth reading.

My aim is to educate and give you a sense of why I love this farming life so much. And with Maggie posting from time to time (her posts will be obvious because they’re upbeat and joyful), hopefully you too can experience a bit of the winery life at Madroña.

A Definitive 2019 Vintage Update and Recap

Part 1 With the 2019 harvest and crush now in the books, it’s time to start prognosticating as to the overall quality, or at least that’s a common request in the tasting room. But before we start down that interesting … Continue reading

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A More Technical Grape Growing Report for 2019

I recently was contacted by a journalist regarding the more difficult growing conditions for grape farmers in the foothills this year. Her question was about mildew on the grapes and the potential need for wineries to throw out a lot … Continue reading

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What Happens When Your Distributor Goes Out of Business?

Over the last four decades, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the wine industry. Sure, we’ve seen restaurants come and go, wine shops come and go, and even other wineries come and go. But the real change has been … Continue reading

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Annual Open Houses—Madroña 39, Rucksack 1

No, it’s not a one-sided baseball score between the Madroña Bushmen and the Rucksack Hikers. And no, it’s not a count of the tasters in the tasting room. Instead, it’s the number of Open Houses we’ll be celebrating this year … Continue reading

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Bordeaux—An Amazing Experience—Part 1

Really, I don’t know where to start on our Bordeaux experience last November. It’s not like we haven’t had amazing experiences traveling before, but this was our first river cruise ever. And it was a river cruise through one of … Continue reading

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Quintet Tasting—Who Wants to be a Better Wine Drinker?

Having just finished the Portopia experience (of food and wine pairings) last weekend in the cellar, it’s time to talk about Madroña’s second tasting in our educational series—our 19th annual Quintet tasting (March 16th and 17th). (Already know you want … Continue reading

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A Little Bit of Age Brings Out Maturity

OK, so as I get a little older, I like to point out (especially to our kids) that my age has brought on a maturity that needs to be ‘respected’! OK, so that’s probably pushing it a bit, probably since … Continue reading

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