Pre-Passport Event

This Friday, April 5th from 6pm-8pm
As you undoubtedly know, the wineries of the El Dorado Appellation are celebrating our Passport Experience over the next two weekends. We also know that locals often enjoy the more tranquil celebrations of our wine region by visiting on quieter days. Thus our Pre-Passport Party (for the last 12 years or so!).
This Friday (April 5th) from 6-8pm, we will be tasting all the wines we’re showcasing during the Passport weekends. For us, we’ll have the winery all decked out for the event while you’ll get to be a part of our Passport without the crowds!
What’s Happening this Friday?
     Vertical Malbec Tasting (our VIP Experience!)
     Release of our ’15 Single Vineyard Enyé Malbec (dry-farmed!)
     Barrel Tasting (and Futures) on our 2017 Signature Zinfandel
     Release of our 2018 Hillside Grenache Rosé
     Wines paired with Pulled-Porked Sandwiches (in a Malbec sauce)
     El Tinto Lot 38 at just $100/cs (our annual Passport Special) 
Tickets are just $10/person, and space is limited to just 80 people (and we’ve been selling tickets for a couple of weeks now). So Click Here to get yours and come relax this Friday with wine, food, new-releases and friends!
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