Cellar Experience


Are you interested in a more intimate and education wine experience?  Then we invite you to join our cellar staff (Ryan and Tim) for a intimate wine and cheese tasting in our barrel room.  Ryan and Tim will walk you through 6 wines along with 6 cheese pairings, while talking about the art of winemaking, terrior, and food – all favorite topics of theirs!

cellar-wine-experienceFour sessions are available as follows:

Saturday, March 11 @ 2:00
Sunday, March 12 @ 2:00
Saturday, March 25 @ 2:00
Sunday, March 26 @ 2:00

Each session is limited to 8 people, but we also must have a minimum of 4.

Here is a look at the wines and cheese pairings that we have found to delight your senses!

2016 Signature Collection Riesling
2016 Hillside Collection Riesling
Cheese Pairing: Piave

2007 Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon
Cheese Pairing: Midnight Moon

2014 Hillside Collection Zinfandel
Cheese Pairing: Rustico Red Pepper Pecorino

2013 Signature Collection Cabernet Franc
Cheese Pairings: Ewenique and Cabra Romero

2013 Signature Collection Malbec
Cheese Pairing: Truffle Tremor

Tickets can be purchased by clicking here

Thank you to Mary Dedrick and Dedrick’s Cheese for working with us on these wonderful pairings!

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1 Response to Cellar Experience

  1. Joan Wallace says:

    Thank you Paul for a great presentation to the El Dorado Home Winemaker yesterday. I have been blending for years but learn new techniques and had a wonderful time.


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