Introducing Zinfandel Rosé

We are excited to announce our first Zinfandel Rosé.  This being Ryan Wright’s inspiration, we turned to him to explain his thoughts behind the wine!

I wanted to make a Dry Zinfandel Rosé because Dry Rosé is one of my favorite styles of wine. I thought that the Zinfandel grape would make a particularly great Rosé due to it’s wide range of fruit characteristics shown in our Zinfandel (red wines). After tasting a few vintages of the Rucksack Barbera Rosé, and liking it more and more. I kept coming back to the thought of what our Zinfandel could be like when made as a Dry Rosé.

 When planning my approach to this wine, one of the things I was really hoping for was to harvest the fruit as cool as possible for minimal extraction of color and tannins, really high-lighting the elegance and lighter bodied expression of Zinfandel. As luck would have it, the night before our planned day to harvest the grapes, based on our target ripeness, we got a cool North-wind, which brought temperatures down to the mid sixties, and cooled the fruit on the vines just in time to pick. We pressed the fruit as soon as it came in to winery that next day for minimal extraction due to contact on the skins. I then barrel fermented it in Neutral Oak, and aged it in Stainless Steel until bottling.

All of this created a wine which is a bright, crisp, and unique expression of Zinfandel. The color is a delicate onion skin (rosé water or pale peach) depending on the light. The nose has hints of citrus, cherry blossoms, and sweet melon fruit, with subtle floral undertones. The palate opens up with citrus fruit aspects of lemon, grape fruit, and subtle orange zest. The mid palate shows notes of melon, strawberry and raspberry fruit with a slightly floral finish.

 The foods I would pair this wine with include sea food with a butter white wine sauce over pasta, or Ahi fish tacos, or if you favor a spicier dish, then a Chicken Tikka Masala would be excellent.

 I hope you enjoy it!

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