Pulled Pork Sandwich with Riesling or Zin

Ryan's Recipe 1One of my favorite dinners is a pulled pork sandwich, however getting the flavors just right can be tricky and time intensive as well, however not with The Pork Simmering Sauce. It is a perfectly balanced, delicious sauce, and the preparation couldn’t be easier. All that it requires is medium sized pork shoulder. And once you’ve followed the simple directions on the back of the jar, you have restaurant quality pulled pork, ready to enjoy. We recently enjoyed ours with a tangy cabbage and carrot coleslaw, atop a fresh baked sour dough bun. This pulled pork pairs well with our 2012 Signature Zinfandel, and even better with our 2014 Hillside Ryan's Recipe 2Riesling. In pairing it with the Zinfandel, the subtle spice of the sauce as well as the saltiness of the pork brought out the dark cherry fruit aspects of the wine. In pairing with the Riesling, the same spice along with the sweetness of the sauce, brought out the bright and crisp citrus characteristics of the wine.  Next time you’re in the tasting room, take home a jar and one of these wines, and effortlessly enjoy restaurant quality pulled pork at home.


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