El Tinto Stock-up

El TintoFor those of you who happen to enjoy our El Tinto as your “go-to” wine for all occasions, you may want to consider visiting the winery this Sunday (Lost and Found) or at the Pre-Passport Parties.

So here’s the deal. We always special the El Tinto at these events, discounting the wine to some crazy-low price (this year it’s $96/cs (which is $8/bottle)). And of course, club members get their additional 5% off this price as well.

So why do we do this? Well, if you’ve ever heard me explain what the El Tinto is, you know that I truly see this wine as a sustainability product. To be honest, when we are making the blends for all the other wines, invariably a barrel of this wine or a half barrel of that wine just doesn’t fit into the perfect blend. The choice then is to either “lose” the extra into one of the wines where you can’t taste it, or set it aside for something else. We choose the latter, thus making the best Zinfandel or Cabernet possible while saving the odds and ends for something entirely different…El Tinto.

Once I have my base wine of different components together, I can tweak the El Tinto with fruitier wines (Barbera, Zinfandel, Grenache) to build the characters I like in the wine.

But why offer such a great deal on the El Tinto? We understand that many of you enjoy this wine on a nearly-daily basis partly because of the price, but mostly because of the quality. Offering a chance to stock up on the El Tinto once in a while allows people to save a little money on a “basic” commodity.

Now, finally, as the winemaker. Have you had a chance to the taste the El Tinto Lot 35 recently? It is tasting the best I’ve ever tasted, both fruit-wise and structurally. It’s rich and inviting with dark berry fruit and sweet vanilla spice. Even at its normal $12/bottle price, I’ll put it up against any other table red twice the price.

Currently, we have about 300 cases left. This won’t make it through the Passport Weekends as I expect it to sell out the first weekend. So if you’re interested in getting a case of the El Tinto at $96/cs (plus tax, of course), come to the winery this Sunday (opening early at 10am sharp!) to get the wine. If your far away, we can ship it to you (you pay for the taxes, shipper and shipping too), but we must receive the email on Sunday, March 13th (sorry, no exceptions). (Email Kathleen at KathleenLeavitt@MadronaVineyards.com)

Thank you for helping us sustain our winery, and we hope you enjoy this wine as much as we enjoy making it.



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