The NPR Pledge Week Pitch

This is a continuation of the blog “A First of It’s Kind

The NPR Pledge Week Pitch

Paul: For 52 weeks out of a year, quality wines come from Madroña to your glass almost like manna from heaven. But making fine wines takes time, passion, knowledge, money, and most importantly, people like you!

Maggie: Madroña relies on great wine consumers just like you to keep small wineries like ours dreaming of making even better wines. This Crossflow Pledge Break gives you that opportunity to support great wines by putting your hard-earned dollars towards the purchase of a Crossflow Filter.

Paul: You, the greater Madroña family supports us in so many ways. Some people get a bottle a month, some a bottle a week and some get a case a day! We have so many different purchase plans that will fit whatever your budget can allow. It is your contributions that keep our winery moving forward.

Maggie: You know, Paul, I once met a gentleman in the tasting room who enjoyed sampling each of our wines while learning about the terroir of the region and the unique varieties we grow. He loved every wine we produced but never bought a single bottle. I asked him one time whether he enjoyed the wine enough to buy a bottle, and his response was, “I thought everyone else bought bottles so I didn’t have to.”

Paul: Ha, Ha, Ha. I’ve found, though, that once that wine lover understands how important he or she is to keeping our winery producing great wines, we have a supporter for life. Maggie, do you know why getting a crossflow filter is so important to the sustainability of our small winery?

Maggie: It’s a more gentle technology than the old pad filtrations that small wineries use today. We were one of those wineries, weren’t we! But I know that by investing in the future of the winery with this crossflow filter, you, Paul, will be home more with the family by saving time on the filtering. And the bonus is that wine quality will improve!

Paul: It’s amazing how everyone in a small winery knows the importance of preserving the future and sustainability of the family farm.

Maggie: Time to lighten it up a bit here. I know, Paul, that you make the wines and all. But do you like our Zinfandel?

Paul: I love our Zin. But I also drink the Malbec and Riesling. And my mom and dad love our Cabernet Franc.

Maggie: Whether you love our Barbera at noon, our Chardonnay at afternoon tea, or our Quintet at dinner, this is your chance to help get a Crossflow Filter by simply calling the winery right now and showing your support with a contribution for great wines. Here’s how:

Dad: With your contribution by purchasing of a case of our 2009 Signature Collection Zinfandel during our Crossflow Pledge Break, we will give you our employee discount (50%) on this wine. You can think of this in several different ways. You purchase 6 bottles of our 2009 Signature Collection Zinfandel at its regular $26 price, and you receive 6 bottles more included in the price. Or you can purchase 12 bottles and get a 50% reduction in the price. Either way, what normally would have cost you $312/case will now cost you just $156/case (+tax) for this amazingly soft Zinfandel. And you’re not just limited to 12 bottles, but quantities are limited and it is a “first come, first served” situation.

We have payment options that may fit your budget. You can pay now for the case of 2009 Signature Collection Zinfandel with cash or check, or you can pay now with a credit card. Three options for your choosing.

Isn’t it time you show your support for small, family wineries? Call now at 800/230-7662 or stop in the winery and get your case. Remember, it takes people like you to keep great wine flowing!


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