The First of It’s Kind

pump picIt wasn’t two years ago that the greater Madroña Family rallied to help us purchase a new Wakaushau pump when our little, old Jabsco pump blew up. Not in the budget for the year, you all chipped in (by buying the ’08 Zin) and the pump was paid for in less than two weeks! Do we use the pump now? Almost every day! Thank you.

Alas, I have gone and done it again, but on a slightly larger scale. For years, the cellar staff and I have dreamed of getting a crossflow filter for the winery. There is no doubt that wine quality is improved using a crossflow versus pad filtrations, but the $50K price tag has always been the immediate discussion-stopper. Until this year.

With life being as complicated as it is, we finally did a cost-benefit analysis with real numbers applied to every aspect, including our time. Even for a winery our size, this expensive machine does make sense…over time. The understanding is taking some of the sting of the investment out of this year’s budget (in which I hadn’t included back in January).

So, some facts:

  1. Yes, we do have in our possession a semi-automatic Velo Accai (Italian) 3-Membrane Crossflow Filter. It is the first crossflow filter in El Dorado county!
  2. We have already started filtering with it, preparing the 2014 Chardonnays and Zinfandels for bottling (August, 2015)
  3. Doing the math and barring any problems, it should pay for itself in 8 years, depending on our production levels.
  4. We are once again looking to “crowd share” a bit, giving you a chance to help us pay for this filter while stocking up on an amazing wine (the 2009 Signature Zinfandel).

Knowing that each person’s interest in this crossflow filter is different, we’ve explained your opportunity in several unique ways. Read them all if you like, or choose the experience that best suits your interest, but it is the collection of stories that makes this investment so exciting for us!

So, select the one that best suits your interest!

  1. The Wine Geek
  2. Sustainability and Balance with Life
  3. Sustainability and the Envirornment
  4. Stocking Up the Cellar with an Amazing Zin
  5. The NPR Pledge Week Pitch
  6. Happy Wines come from Happy Winemakers
  7. Mom and Dad’s Involvement – The Generational Push


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