Stocking up the Cellar with an Amazing Zin

This is a continuation of the blog “A First of It’s Kind”

Stocking up the Cellar with an Amazing Zin

Truly, how often do you get the chance to stock up your cellar on a cellared wine from a great vintage? Add to this that the wine is tasting in its prime. Add to this that the wine was cellared at the temperature –controlled winery (not some distributor’s warehouse). And lastly, getting our employee discount on a case (50% off)!

Let’s first talk a bit about the weather in 2009. Unlike 2010 and 2011 where cool temperatures and somewhat rainy conditions plagued Northern California (a distant memory in today’s drought), 2009 had a glorious growing season with temperatures about average with just a couple of heat spikes (June-August). September started out with average temperatures moving into an Indian summer towards the end of the month with a much needed blast of heat. October 11th, it all changed with a substantial, almost winter-like, 3- day storm—either you had picked before it arrived or your fruit took a beating. We were fortunate enough to have finished our Zinfandel picks (a variety that does not take rain well) just a day earlier.

The 2009 Signature Collection Zinfandel is a blend of two of our five vineyards of Zinfandel. A selection from our home Estate Vineyards in Camino (83%) was blended with our Enyé Vineyards (17%) to get just the balance we expect. Picked between September 18th and October 11th, the fruit was beautifully mature (with a relatively high brix level). The Estate Vineyards give much of the dark cherry and brambly characters so intense on the palate. The Enyé Vineyards marry in the complex spice notes with a hint of raspberry and cherry.

Aging amazingly well, this Zin has always had that classic foothill big Zin aspect. Lying underneath, however, is the complexity and elegance that becomes so much more evident with just a hint of age. And now, it’s the almost luscious texture that is the defining character of this wine. With 6 years of age (5 years of which have been in bottle), the richness and smooth finish simply steal the show.

So why stock up your cellar with such an amazing wine?

  1. Zinfandel is the quintessential Sierra foothill wine.
  2. Zinfandel pairs so well with so many different foods.
  3. Where can you find such a great Zinfandel cellared (and aged) in ideal conditions?
  4. When will you ever be able to get such a nice Zinfandel at a 50% discount (our employee discount)?
  5. Where will you ever find such an amazing Zinfandel at $13/bottle (normally $26) when you simply invest in a case of this wine?
  6. These are like “futures” prices on a well-cellared wine drinking nicely now!
  7. And lastly, if you are concerned, where can you get such great satisfaction and elation knowing you have helped our small, family winery buy a much-needed crossflow filter with every sip of an exceptional Zinfandel?

All compelling reasons for stocking up on the Crossflow Special. But probably the most compelling of all is that even without promoting this special, we have sold over half of this Zin we have available. Truly, time is short or you will miss out on the 2009 Signature Collection Zinfandel!

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