Barbera and Pasta Carbonara and Brussel Sprouts

Ryan Barbera andAfter a day of working in the cellar, one of my favorite dinners I look forward to is a simple Pasta Carbonara. A dish in which my wife’s homemade pasta swims in a creamy sauce made up of egg and parmesan with bits of seared pancetta, and the subtle bite of the black pepper. I’m a firm believer in a balanced meal, and so to accompany this dish I chose one of the healthiest of vegetables: Brussels sprouts- but before it sounds too healthy, I must disclose, the Brussels sprouts are cooked until crispy with an ample amount of pancetta, walnuts, and garlic of course!

Ryan Barbera 2For the wine pairing, with such a classic pasta dish, my mind immediately turned to our Barbera. With its naturally high acidity and bright fruit character I knew this wine would pair perfectly with the starchy pasta and creamy sauce, as well as the earthiness and slight bitterness of the Brussels sprouts. I thoroughly enjoyed this pairing, and bite after bite I savored how the acidity of the Barbera was softened by the pasta and the red berry and cherry fruit became more pronounced. In contrast while tasting the Barbera with the Brussels Sprouts, the spice of the wine began to jump out at me, and the finish of the wine was more prolonged and complex than I had tasted before. With the two dishes simultaneously intriguing my pallet by the different aspects of our Barbera, I can’t think of a better way to enjoy a bottle!

Barbera – Pasta Carbonara and a side of Brussel Sprouts

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