Riesling and Asian Citrus Chicken Wraps

By Jeremy Atkins

Jeremy - Asian Citrus Chicken Wraps 1One of the joys of being an employee of Madrona is sharing a fondness of food and the preparation thereof. Maggie and Paul believe in buying local whenever possible and so do I. However some things are just not grown in El Dorado county, like ginger and limes. Having said that, here is a recipe I’ve wanted to try to emphasize the wonderful versatility of Madrona Riesling. I thoroughly enjoy Paul’s Whites and I believe they are a superb expression of the terroir found in El Dorado county. But before relating my experience of Asian citrus Chicken Wraps paired with Riesling, I must admit to sneaking a taste with a dish I had prepared the day before: Polenta with wilted Leeks and Fontina cheese. The Riesling paired sumptuously with the creaminess of the polenta and the richness of the Fontina and the leeks.

Well, I could see from the previous night that the Riesling could pair well with creaminess, how would it handle citrus? I need not have worried! The Asian Citrus chicken has a pronounced ginger, citrus aspect which the Riesling admirably complemented. The lemon/lime/orange in the sauce highlighted the corresponding notes in the Riesling and the subtle heat from the chili oil and pepper flakes were soothed by the smooth finish.

So, inadvertently over two nights and two dinners, I confirmed to myself the versatility of Madrona Riesling.

Riesling – Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps

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