The Lake Tahoe Label

A portion of the proceeds received by Madroña for the sale of the Lake Tahoe Label wines are donated back to organizations supporting the Lake Tahoe Basin as well as agricultural and environmental organization in El Dorado County.

For the 2011 Vintage, a total of $6,000 was donated.  Some people may think that $6,000 may not sound like a huge deal. But this is a combined effort of getting people to drink local and think about giving back, all from a small family winery.  Our goal is to raise even more with the new vintage because even the small projects in the Tahoe Basin and El Dorado county make a big difference to us all!

The 2011 Vintage Recipients are as follows:

The Tahoe Fund – Lake Angora Bridge Project (For more information)

Angora Creek, a tributary of the Upper Truckee River, flows through the high meadows and conifer forests of Washoe Meadows State Park near Meyers, CA. The creek has been the site of several recent projects to restore damage caused by historic grazing practices, road and sewer construction, and the 2007 Angora fire. A new meandering channel now supports thriving fish and plant communities. To complete these restoration efforts, California State Parks is seeking funding for a bridge that would replace temporary crossings that hinder park users and cause severe stream bank erosion, which introduced fine sediments into Lake Tahoe. The new bridge would both protect the river and lake and serve as a hub for hikers, bikers, birders, and other visitors to this jewel of Tahoe’s south shore.

Ag in the Classroom – South Lake Tahoe Farm Day (For more information)

Over 560 local third and fourth grade students attended the first Tahoe Farm Day held on September 24, 2013 at Camp Richardson in South Lake Tahoe. At this all day field trip, students learned about the wide diversity of regional agriculture.  Volunteer presenters brought agriculture alive for students through creative, interactive activities that feature regionally grown fruits, vegetables, farm animals, as well as concepts of healthy eating and nutrition.

Learning demonstrations topics included local crops, nutrition, soils, worm composting, watersheds, water use, pest management, and farm animals.

American River Conservancy (For more information)

For more than 20 years, the American River Conservancy (ARC) has been preserving rivers and land for life. As a non-profit community organization in the central Sierra Nevada foothills, we work to preserve natural areas and cultural resources and build an enduring ethic of care, building a sustainable future for humans in harmony with nature.

We purchase or accept land and conservation easements from willing landowners and actively partner with governmental agencies, private donors, and foundations to acquire funding and to transfer these lands into the public domain. To date, we have achieved more than 10,000 acres of success.

We build an enduring ethic of care by providing environmental education and outdoor recreation for adults and children alike, and by promoting habitat restoration, trail building, and maintenance projects with volunteers.

Louisiana Schnell Elementary School Garden Project

At Louisiana Schnell Elementary School kids get down to earth in the school’s Garden of Learning.  The garden is a central part of what makes our school great.  The program is a wonderful example of the integration of curriculum we believe is so important for students.  Providing the students with hands on connections to learning through their experiences in the garden makes the educational experience here at Schnell School very rich for our students.   In the garden all students participate regardless of age, skill level or disability. In addition, our teachers love the garden program.  The garden program provides many ongoing opportunities for teachers to make the students learning “real.”  When classrooms have a garden day the teachers is able to work with the class in smaller instructional groups which is always a very meaningful educational experience.  In a world where technology seems to take center stage in children’s lives, the garden program provides a great opportunity for students to get off the grid and focus on living in a much more real and tangible sense.



Lake Tahoe Press Release


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