Amerikan Ichi and Madroña Winemaker Dinner

Riesling.  If there were ever a variety of wine so perfectly suited for pairing with food, it would be Riesling. Dry, off-dry, semi-sweet and sweet, this variety showcases flavors from the elegant to the bold, and it does it with flair!


So when we decided to do a winemaker dinner using the diversity of Riesling, the proverbial sky was the limit. But the more we thought, the more we wanted to push the envelope, showcasing the true pairing potential of this most noble variety.


Thus we chose to focus on sushi. Spicy yet fresh, intense yet balanced, great sushi is a dish not to be missed.


For years we had been hearing about this amazing new little restaurant tucked in behind Starbucks. Amerikan Ichi Sushi, with its incredible food and devoted following is almost always packed with people and down-right hard to get into.


When we finally had our first experience at Amerikan Ichi, we were drinking beer. But I can’t tell you how many times we said (with each new dish), “This would be spectacular with Riesling!”


The opportunity to experience the pairing potential of Madroña’s Rieslings has finally come. The talents of Chef Dakota Lee Thomas will be highlighted on August 16th at 8pm at Amerikan Ichi Sushi with a multi-course dinner paired with a selection of our Rieslings.  As a winemaker dinner, Paul will walk you through the evening, explaining aspects of Riesling and bits of trivia. And each wine has been tasted to pair with the unique aspects of each dish while showcasing the diversity of both the wines and great sushi.


However, there is one challenge to this whole event—getting a reservation. The restaurant is small (seating only 40 people), so we suggest anyone interested in attending call for reservations soon (before it’s sold out).


We invite you to come learn and experience Riesling in the best of all ways, with great food. And don’t forget to be cool this summer and drink Riesling!



Madroña Vineyards and Amerikan Ichi
with Paul Bush, Winemaker
And Chef Dakota Lee Thomas

First Course

2008 Signature Zinfandel
Barbecued Shiromaguro (Albacore Tuna) and
Hamachi (Yellowtail Tuna)

Second Course

2003 Dry Riesling
Ikura (Salmon Roe), Barbequed Unagi (Freshwater Eel),
and Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe)

Third Course

2010 Hillside Riesling
Grilled Wasabi Salmon and Seared Maguro (Blue Fin Tuna)

Fourth Course

2010 Signature Riesling
Placerville Monroe Roll
Chef’s Signature Roll

Dessert Course

2008 Select Harvest Riesling
Petit Fours Dessert and Tiny Pastel Cake

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