Local Goat Cheese!

Mary Dedrick at Jollity Farms with the goats!

Today, Mary Dedrick from Dedrick’s Cheese, Tammy, our Tasting Room Manager and I visited Jollity Farms, the new local goat cheese farm. It is so great to have local goat cheese, and very good cheese at that! Our reasons for visiting are were two-fold, first, to find out more about the fresh goat cheese that we are serving on our Wine and Cheese Snack Plate, and secondly, to find a cheese for the cheese course of our upcoming 25-mile dinner.

My favorite – fresh goat cheese!

We started our tour with owner, Charley and the goats. They currently have 40 goats,the majority of which are Saanen (all white with upright ears) and Alpine (black, brown and patchwork colors with upright ears.) Venturing on, we saw the “Dairy Depot” where the goats are milked twice daily, and then onto the cheese making room.

Charley and Kyleen of Jollity Farms

While we were there, the staff was making fresh goat cheese with peppers. Mary was brave enough to try the fresh cheese, which at this point is very hot but will become milder with time, and pronounced it wonderful. We sampled several fresh cheese, including my favorite – the fresh goat cheese with basil and garlic. We also sampled several of the mature cheeses such as their Farm House.

We had a delightful day and are excited to be able to offer the fresh goat cheese on our Wine Pairing Snack Plate at the winery. Goat cheese has beautiful earthy characters that really suit red wines wells.

Jollity Farm does do tours, but call ahead. You can also find them at several farmers markets. Mary Dedrick of Dedrick’s Cheese Shop on Main Street in Placerville also carries a nice assortment of their cheeses. Here is some contact information:

Jollity Farms website – JollityFarm.net

Dedrick’s Cheese web site – Dedrickscheese.com


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