Melon wrapped in Procuitto – September 2010

When we were recently in France, the one dish that I had to constantly protect from my daughter devouring (until she figured out to order it for herself!) was melon wrapped in procuitto. Luckily for Hanna, this is a quick fix around our house taking only a few minutes with the results being fresh, cool and enjoyable.

The follow up question to the recipe is…which wine? If the case of Madroña, the answer is easy – Fioré! This fresh and light sweet muscat is best served as an aperitif wine, served cold prior to dinner. The muscat has wonderful white peach characters which shine when paired with the melon and the slight saltiness of the procuitto.

In Placerville, our stone fruit season was challenging, but the fruit is finally here at the farmers markets and it is fabulous. So during this season, a second way to serve Fiore (and Paul hates when I tell people this) is to add a small amount of sparkling water and a fresh white peach or white nectarine. Simply divine!

There maybe a fancy way to prepare Melon wrapped in Procuitto, but we keep if very simple. A ripe cantelope or honeydew, cut into long wedges, and a package of procuitto. Seperating the procuitto into thin slices, wrap it around the melon.

2009 Fiore pdf

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