Sheila’s Santa Maria Tri-tip – July 2010

Sheila's Santa Maria Tri-Tip

Now that summer is really heating up, we find we can’t even stomach turning our oven on in the house. Instead, our barbecue is doing the heavy work, with tri-tip gracing its grill from time to time. Easily one of our favorite recipes comes from our sister-in-law Sheila (who with Dave owns the Sumu Kaw Vineyards). This recipe has that perfect blend of rich and flavorful characters balanced by the spicy and slightly acidic homemade salsa. Paired with the 2007 Shiraz/Cabernet, the combination pops with excitement, highlighting the Syrah’s cherry fruit (from Sumu Kaw) and the density provided by the Cab. This is a last call on the ’07 Shiraz/Cabernet as well, having only 22 cases left in the winery! Click here for recipe!

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