This Month’s Library Wine


Every couple of months, we go back to the Madroña library and pull out an older bottle of Madroña wine.  We like to see how our wines have aged over time – how the subtle nuances of palate and flavor have been enhanced through the aging process.  This is surely one of the best parts of my job!   It’s another dilemma, trying to determine which wine to highlight from our extensive portfolio of wines.  But someone has to do it.

Madroña Library Selection – Recently Tasted Older Vintages


2000 Zinfandel

This is a wine that has aged gracefully and beautifully, something not normally expected of Zinfandel. Ironically, this is a wine that I have always felt would age well, both with its great acidity and purity of character.  Which is shy, of course, we had the foresight to squirrel 50 cases away into the library near the end of the run.

First of all, there is no need to decant this wine.  It tastes great straight from the bottle (wine glasses are, however, recommended).  In fact, I would recommend drinking this wine really within an hour or so of opening it.  Older wines tend to lose some of the elegance and fruit as they sit opened to the air.  The nose is now filled with candied cherry characters, with hints of clove, cedar and sweet spice.  The color has held well with a bit of brick hue, but it is the palate that is truly impressive.  Rich and silky, this is why you age out reds.  But note that as the fruit characters are more subtle, the toasty oak fills in the voids, making this a Zin to sit back, relax and enjoy.  If you have to have it with food, keep the dishes simple.  Higher quality cuts of meat, such as filet mignon, will work nicely with the wine, giving the Zin a chance to shine.

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